The stable version of the DNSimple API v2 was released in December 2016. API v1 was shut down permanently on May 31, 2018.

This page lists all the changes since API v2 was announced in public beta. If you use our official API clients, in most cases the changes are taken care for you.

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2016-09-05: Renamed auth_info to auth_code for Registar API > Transfer a domain

2016-07-07: Renamed Contact#email_address to Contact#email

2016-07-05: An attempt to create an already existing zone record will now return a HTTP client error (400). In the past, it used to ignore already existing zone records and to always return a successful HTTP status (201).

2016-06-03: Removed support for the Wildcard Account. The wildcard account was a special character _ you can pass in some API requests instead of a real account, and our system tried to detect the account for you. Using a wildcard is currently no longer supported, a real account ID has to be provided.