DNSimple tools

DNSimple Slack integration

With the official DNSimple Stack integration you can buy, connect, and operate your domains directly from your Slack channel.



Strillone is a service to publish the events generated from a DNSimple account to a messaging service (such as Slack), using the DNSimple webhooks.

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Chef Cookbook for DNSimple

Provides Chef LWRP for automating DNS configuration with DNSimple.


DNSimple Terraform Provider

With the official DNSimple Terraform provider you can manage your DNS like your other cloud services.

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DNSimple CoreDNS Plugin

Manage zones for on-premise and self-hosted CoreDNS instances with DNSimple.

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Community-developed tools

If you’ve developed a tool for the API, please let us know so we can add it here. Also, make sure to check out the libraries you can use to build your own tools around our API.